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The Raelian Movement

Happiness Academy: Africa


Useful Information

- Malaria and yellow fever are two diseases caused by mosquitoes which are in a great number in the cities of Congo. So you’d better bring your mosquito net to sleep undisturbed. You can also bring other anti-mosquito products for the evening and the morning. Products containing the largest concentration of "N, N-diethyl-3-methylbezamide" are also required as they are not toxic and push mosquitoes away. Joggings and other jackets may also insure your protection.
- Excepted medicines for special diseases treatment, you needn’t bring a suitcase of medicines as Pointe Noire chemistry’s shops can provide with you anything you need.
- You will find several doctors and nurses during the seminars
- Furthermore, the seminars management coordination with its medical service team constituted by Raelian doctors and nurses will provide the first care for the health of all the participants.
- The weather is hot and cold during the daylight, but it may be cool in the evening. You need to bring several dresses if you don’t want do wash clothes. You may bring T-Shirts, sweat-Shirts or jackets... for the evening.
- There may have short but intense storms. So come with a k-way or other jacket against the rain.

Teachings will be delivered in French, but they will be translated into English and into other local languages. So take with you your walkman in order to take advantage of the simultaneous translations.

You need to bring your mat for meditations.

- Those who live in Africa shall give their payments to their respective national guides against receipt.
- The others, including those who live outside Africa and new seminarists shall pay cash at the place of the seminars during their getting registered. They shall not send their money in pre-registering.
- The currency used is FCFA: 1Euro = 655,957 FCFA
- Money can be exchanged at the airport or in any bank; you can also have your money with your credit card.