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The Raelian Movement

Happiness Academy: Africa



The contribution varies in accordance with different categories:
Participants from outside Kama (Africa):
21.000 FCFA (all ages included).
Participants from Kama (regulars/newcomers):
Regulars (those who have already attended raelian annual seminars):
- Less than 25 years old: 6.000 FCFA
- More than 25 years old: 21.000 FCFA
New comers (those who have never attended a Raelian annual seminars):
- More than 25 years old: 6.000 FCFA
- Less than 25 years old: FREE

Accommodation and meal:
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Voluntary contributions:
Those who would like to provide a financial support with the association ELOHIKA (in charge of financing African seminars) can make their donation as soon as they arrive during their getting registered to the service managing the seminars.