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The Raelian Movement

Happiness Academy: Asia


Useful Information

Box meals to order through JRM
Online application is already closed.

 Deadline for ordering box meals
    Saturday, April 28, 72A.H., 2018
 Cancellation fee may be charged when cancelling after the above deadline.

Box meal prices to order through JRM
Suppliers        Prices for each meal
Lunch by HEALTHY   800 yen
Dinner by DAIKON    850 yen

Good for those who want to try healthy Japanese meals with mainly Okinawan local materials
Good for health-oriented guests who want to try Okinawan local vegetables and meat

Other Meals
 The package of Kariyushi Beach Resort you book through JRM, provides a voucher available for either breakfast buffet or lunch buffet for each night of your stay.

 Or you can use the same buffet restaurant, ‘BANRYU-MANSAI’ on the 1st floor for breakfast at 2,300 yen, lunch at 1,900 yen or dinner at 3,300 yen. A small shop is located inside the hotel.

 Shops and restaurants around Kariyushi Beach Resort can be referred to the attached PDF file. Meals cost from 800 yen to 1,000 yen for lunch and 1,500 yen to 2,000 yen for dinner.

Language translation service
 English, Chinese and Korean translation is officially available for you.
 If anyone who can translate other languages among participants, please let us know.
 Please bring your portable radio and a head set or an earphone.
 Frequency of a radio should range from 88.0 to 108.0.

No recording
Photographing & videotaping and any recordings are prohibited during the program.

Please turn your smart phone and tablet computer off or on a flight mode to make your communication devices completely free from wifi and Bluetooth. Then, you can help us not to disturb our ongoing sessions by making sounds neither by interfering into frequencies of our translation equipment and wireless microphones.