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The Raelian Movement

Happiness Academy: Oceania



This seminar is for adults only.
Special Exception: 16 years old with authorisation of a parent/carer participating in the seminar.
No smoking / No drugs allowed inside the camp. (exception: drugs used for medical reasons)

Pets are not allowed in the camp sorry.

No catering is organised at the camp this year except for 2 dinners.
There are restaurants, cafes, pubs and food stores in town (10mn walk).
There are 2 barbecues areas and one kitchen the participants can share with kindness.

Newcomers have to be present on the first day of the seminar, the registration day.
The seminar starts at 8pm with the presentation of the whole seminar and all the explanations needed to understand why these seminars are so important, and how the whole week will be organised.

A this seminar, the Raelian philosophy presented in the Messages of the Elohim will be applied. It is extremely recommended to read the Messages before coming to the seminar, at least the first book "Intelligent Design - Message of the Designers". Also the books "Sensual Meditation" and "Maitreya - Extracts from his teachings"
will help a lot as well, they will help you understand the teachings faster, focus and enjoy more.
These books are all available for free in the download section of this site.
To participate in the seminar, you need to be and behave in harmony with the Raelian philosophy and find it interesting, positive, beneficial.
If you have difficulties to read, you can order the books in audio format and contact us to obtain more information directly. (see email address in the "useful information" section)