Сhurchgoers flock to Notre Dame in hard hats to attend 1st mass since fire

“A small crowd of 30 attended, half of them clergy.” Yes, you read it well. The first mass after the fire in the iconic Notre Dame de Paris draws 15 persons only… What a contrast with the huge media coverage worldwide. Paris, French capital with 2 million inhabitants saw only 15 people attracted by this event. The Catholic church is (thankfully) dead. By the way, it’s quite funny to see Catholic priests, supposed to be protected by their imaginary god, wearing helmets to perform a mass… Like somebody wrote: “The day churches were equipped with lightning rods, all believers should have apostatized”…


A small congregation, wearing hard hats for safety reasons, attended a mass in Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral, two months after the building was gutted in a devastating fire.

A small crowd of 30 attended, half of them clergy. They filed into a small side-chapel for the mass, which was broadcast live on Catholic TV network KTOTV.

Saturday’s mass celebrated the consecration of the cathedral’s altar, a date honored every year. Patrick Chauvet, rector of Notre Dame, told AFP that the mass is “highly significant, spiritually,” and called it a chance to show that “Notre-Dame is truly alive.”



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