South Korea fines Tesla

RAEL’S COMMENT: The driving range of the American EV maker’s cars can plunge in low temperatures, by up to about half of the advertised distance.

Facebook is removing religious views from profiles

RAEL’S COMMENT: Facebook just removed the option to show your religion on your profile. On this private Facebook page I require that everybody who wants to be accepted as “friend”, to show that they are Raelians. So now you have 2 choices: either you write “Raelian” after your name, or you add the website […]


RAEL’S COMMENT: Happiness is never in “having” but in “being”.

The ballad of people who were born somewhere

RAEL’S COMMENT:  This song is especially important when there are international competitions like the Olympics or the World Cup. The happy imbeciles who were born somewhere start screaming “we won” when they have just spent hours sitting on their couch drinking beer and eating popcorn…