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Real Love Starts with Listening: Learn How to Give Love Today

In this powerful message, Rael Maitreya emphasizes the importance of being conscious of what we say and how it can impact others, particularly in a society that often trains us to be unconscious. One word can make all the difference, whether it is to enlighten or kill. Rael Maitreya urges us to think about our words carefully, and to be aware that with one smile or one word, we can change someone’s life. This is particularly important in countries like Japan, where suicide rates are high, and many people are not happy in their lives.

Rael Maitreya also highlights the importance of genuine interest in others. Rather than simply asking, “How are you?” and expecting a generic answer, we should take the time to listen and show compassion. This can be as simple as asking follow-up questions, or even just looking someone in the eye with love and attention. Rael Maitreya notes that this kind of love should be taught in schools, and encourages us to start with those around us, particularly our fellow Raelians.

In summary, this message is a call to action for us to be more mindful of our words and actions, and to show genuine love and compassion to those around us. We have the power to make a positive impact in the lives of others, even with the smallest gestures. It is up to us to use that power for good.

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