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The Elohim and Africa: Priority for a Historic Continent

During his speech at the Happiness Academy of Kama in 2018, Rael Maytreya emphasizes the importance of Africa, also known as Kama, to the Elohim. The continent was populated by the first humans created by the Elohim, including Adam and Eve, who were black. Rael Maytreya argues that African civilization was flourishing and advanced while Europeans were still living in primitive huts, knowing nothing of astronomy or philosophy. However, Europeans felt threatened by the existence of advanced black civilizations and so, they colonized and enslaved people who they deemed inferior.

Rael Maytreya laments the inferiority complex felt by many black people, who mistakenly believe that whites have invented everything. He argues that this is not true and that Asians and Africans have also contributed significantly to human civilization. Rael Maytreya stresses the importance of China and Africa working together, as both were former colonized peoples who had their knowledge and resources stolen by Europeans. The Europeans were barbaric and pillaged the knowledge of other cultures, feeling inferior whenever they encountered people who were more advanced than them.

In conclusion, Rael Maytreya at the Happiness Academy in Africa makes a passionate argument for the importance of African civilization and its contributions to human history. He highlights the need to break free from the idea that white people have invented everything, and to recognize the significant contributions made by people of all races. Furthermore, he stresses the need for former colonized peoples to work together to build a better future, free from the legacy of European colonization and the theft of knowledge and resources that occurred during this period.

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