Happiness Academy in Kama



August 14 - 28, 2022

Come and experience exceptional moments at the annual international seminar in KAMA (Africa).
In Burkina, this seminar will take place in 2 parts: The Awakening Seminar and the Guide Seminar

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how to get there


Village Raélien situé à 15km de BOBO DIOULASSO sur la route de BANFORA au pieds des falaises à DINGASSO


Contact Welcoming Committee KANKOUAN EDIBIE [email protected] +22675372210 +22670032697


Vendredi 12, Samedi 13, samedi 21 aout : 8:00 – 22:00

event schedule


A. Group Accommodation

1. Improved huts (4 places): 5,000 F CFA per person

2. Dormitory residence (6 places per room): 6,000 F CFA per person

B. Individual accommodation

1. Small bungalow: 40,000 F CFA

2. Large bungalow: 60,000 F CFA

C. Tent setup

1. 1 place: 2,000 F CFA

2. 2 places: 4,000 F CFA

Breakfast: up to 500 F CFA
Lunch: up to 500 – 1500 F CFA
Dinner: up to 500 – 1500 F CFA


A. Droit de camp (Anciens/Nouveaux)

1. Returning participants (those who have already participated in a Raelian Happiness Academy)

– 25 years and over: 16,000 F CFA

– 18 to 24 years old: 8,500 F CFA

– Under 18: 3,500 F CFA

2. New participants (those who have never participated in a Raelian Happiness Academy)

– 25 years and over: 6,000 F CFA

– 18 to 24 years old: 3,500 F CFA

– Under 18: 1000 FCFA

how to register

1- Connect to rael.org et select Events
2- Select Happiness Academy, then Happiness Academy in Elohika
3- Or contact the Welcoming Committee
Kankouan Edibie
[email protected]

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"You are responsible for your happiness. If you are wondering why you feel depressed, it is time to stop for a moment and look at the different dimensions of your life. If you apply all these things, happiness will come with the help of meditation."

Maitreya Rael - Asian Happiness Academy – 68 a.H.

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