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مراقبه آنلاین سیاره ای ۱۰ سپتامبر

سپتامبر 10, 2022

Hello everyone!

Our exceptional Online Global Meditation for Peace Event will take place on Saturday,
September 10th at 13:00h UTC
This Planetary Meditation will be guided by
an Exceptional Guest from Canada

A Planetary Meditation for Peace that will bring together people from all over the world at the same time. Don’t miss it, you too can participate in this event!
Let’s remember that the power of one brain is great, but the power of several brains is infinite.

So for example :
1. 09:00 am for Montreal Time,
2. 10:00 am for Rio de Janeiro Time,
3. 01:00 pm for Abidjan Time,
4. 03:00 pm for Paris Time,
5. 06:30 pm for Delhi
6. 09:00 pm for Beijing
7. 10:00 pm for Tokyo
8. 11:00 pm for Sydney…

The event will take place in the ZOOM Room 82441712787 (direct link https://zoom.us/j/82441712787)

Simultaneous translation is provided, check the languages available when entering the room.

If you prefer you can follow this meditation on Facebook Live at www.facebook.com/1min4peace/ or live on the Youtube Channel www.youtube.com/c/1min4peace

Saturday, September 10th we change the planet together by joining our energies of Peace and Love.
Please, share this Event on all Social Medias, this Invitation and the Trailer all around you : https://youtu.be/saVQDIdPRJc

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