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3 Powerful Ways to Reduce Stress and Connect with Supraconsciousness

Maitreya Rael shares valuable insights on how we can attain unity and inner harmony by understanding the power of our thoughts. He emphasizes that we are all interconnected with each other, nature, and the universe. Our thinking brain often leads us to feel separate and stressed, which can result in physical and emotional ailments. Rael introduces the concept of “supraconsciousness,” which is the key to counteracting these negative effects.

He advises against letting the thinking brain dominate our actions and reactions. By thinking with our big toe, we can access the supraconsciousness, a small part of our brain that fosters oneness and love. Through this practice, we can stop reacting to external situations with stress and instead cultivate inner peace. Rael encourages us to embrace the idea that we are all one, eliminating labels of nationality or ethnicity that stem from the thinking brain.

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