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The Greatest Secret to Happiness – Being Thankful NOW!

This video was recorded during the Asian Happiness Academy on May 3rd 2015 (69 a.H.), near Taipei, Taiwan. Every year, people from around the world gather for one week at the Happiness Academy, which takes place on each continent. These events were initiated by Maitreya Rael so that we can learn to be more happy in our daily lives.

In this video, Maitreya Rael invites us to be thankful whatever happens. To make sure that we can reach happiness, he teaches us a magic word: “now”. As he explains, there is nothing higher than this word: “Only NOW exists, tomorrow doesn’t exist, yesterday doesn’t exist anymore. If you are in the NOW, happiness never leaves you and you will never be sad. This is the highest secret of happiness: NOW!”

Maitreya Rael concludes his speech reminding us that the only way to feel “now” is to not think: “Thinking is never in the NOW”… “Feeling NOW it’s like a gate opening, which makes us connected to infinity and for that we have to stop thinking and start feeling, feeling oneness with everything. The more we think, the less we can feel NOW”. And to help us to feel “now”, Maitreya Rael teaches in this video a new meditation, very simple and very powerful.

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