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50th Anniversary

of the first encounter

World Convention

Happiness Academy


December 9-16, 2023

This Happiness Academy will change your life!

It will be 50 years since Maitreya Rael had his first encounter with the Elohim. Let us gather with him and celebrate this memorable and historic day together in a big way.

Over 100,000 people throughout the world have attended Happiness Academies. What’s more, they keep coming back! Why? 

They come back to recharge! Through 1 week of pleasure and revolutionary learning, they re-energize and rediscover themselves and others. And they participate in amazing workshops and evenings especially designed for optimal growth in being human! They blossom as they were meant to blossom!  

Event Info

■ Event Holder

Japanese Raelian Movement (JRM)
Contact : International Welcome Team (IWT)

■ Registration

Event Registration: December 9 (Sat) 9:00 am – 2:30 pm

3:00 pm Opening 3:30 pm Start

December 16 (Sat) 12:30 pm End

December 13 (Wed) 2:00 pm

Cellular Transmission Registration

December 10 (Sun) – 15 (Fri) Registration after the Event start 

9:00 am – 9:20 am
2:30 pm – 2:50 pm

Note: Please complete your registration, first to participate in the Event.

■ Dates

December 9 (Sat) to December 16 (Sat), 2023

■ Location


“Summit Hall”  (The Event Hall)

“The Event Hall” is a place where:

  • All the Raelian events are held.
  • Registration on and after Dec 9 is provided for participation and payment
  • A room key is handed after completing registration on Dec 9
  • Reserved meal boxes are served.

The Hotel

Note: For English, please click the global icon on a front menu.

(Recommended by JRM and you can reserve through JRM)

The Hotel is a place where:

  • The event hall is located in 6 minutes by car.
  • JRM chartered circular buses run between the Hotel and the event hall during break times.
  • You can receive room keys before/after Dec 9 when booking through JRM.
  • JRM chartered buses for Airport, Naha, and Nanjo Cities on Dec 16, depart from.
  • You check in and pay for the room charge when booking by yourself on another booking site.

Basic Daily Schedule

9:30 am – 9:55 am  Meditation

10:00 am – 12:00 noon  Morning session

12:00 noon 3:00 pm  Lunch break

3:00 pm – 5:30 pm  Afternoon session

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm  Dinner break

7:30 pm – 9:30 pm  Entertainment or Showtime

<What to Apply>

On our Application site, you can reserve:

  1. Event participation
  2. Hotel room
  3. BENTO (Meals served in boxes)
  4. Buses (2 kinds)
  • Please register for the event participation even when you do not reserve the Hotel through JRM. Without registration, you cannot attend any Raelian event.
  • The Hotel via JRM includes a breakfast buffet, so you would need to order lunch and dinner BENTOs.
  • You are suggested to order BENTO as there are no shops or restaurants around the Event Hall in walking distance.

Download the BROCHURE:


■ Participation Fee

Participation fee includes the rental fee of facilities & equipment and costs of training materials.

Participation fee

Full Participation fee for Dec 9~16

Participation fee/day

Structure Member

26,400 JPY

3,300 JPY

Simple Member

14,400 JPY

1,800 JPY


14,400 JPY

1,800 JPY


14,400 JPY

1,800 JPY

or under18


NOTE: Currency- Japanese Yen (JPY)

  •  If you are under 18 or a student under 26 years old, member or non-member, your participation fee becomes free. Please show your ID card at the reception desk.

■ The Hotel

Here is a room charge per person per night when reserving KARIYUSHI Beach Resort Ocean Spa through JRM. Rooms are in Western style with single bed (s).

Type of room


Room for 1 person15,500 JPY
Room for 2 persons7,300 JPY
Room for 3 persons6,800 JPY
Room for 4 persons6,700 JPY
  • Please purchase your flights first, and then, reserve the Hotel with us in order to minimize changes to your stay.
  • Once you applied with JRM, you cannot change online so, please contact JRM.
  • If you reserve by yourself the same Kariyushi Beach Resort Hotel, please contact other booking services for any modification, cancellation, and questions about your accommodation.
  • Also, when you share a room together, please make sure you and your roommates accept sharing a room to avoid any trouble.


< Check in >

Dec 8 is the most recommended date for check-in because:

  • You can receive a key at the Hotel front desk without waiting so long
  • Next day, eat breakfast, move to the Event Hall on a less crowded JRM Bus
  • Register in the morning without waiting in a long queue

< Check out >

  • Please make sure to return the room key to the Hotel front desk before 10:00 am check-out time.
  • If you leave your luggage in your room after 10:00 am, the Hotel will charge you an extension fee.
  • The Event on the last day will start around 9:00 ~ 9:30 am, so please make sure to check out early enough to be on time.
  • Breakfast on the last day will also be provided.

■ BENTO (Meals served in boxes)

Lunch 600 JPY 
Dinner 1,000 JPY 

NOTE: Prices are now planned as above.

  • BENTO is served by the Event Hall after morning and afternoon sessions.


< Deadlines >

  • For Participation, Accommodation, BENTO, and Buses: Please order and reserve them before

        Sunday, October 20, 2023 Japan time

■ Cancellation Fee

The Hotel
The cancellation fee will be incurred as follows: All in Japan time

  • 10% 28 days before use ex: Nov 10 in case of Dec 8 check-in
  • 20% 21 days before use ex: Nov 17 in case of Dec 8 check-in
  • 30% 17 days before use ex: Nov 21 in case of Dec 8 check-in
  • 50% 15 days before use ex: Nov 23 in case of Dec 8 check-in
  • 100% 14 days before use ex: Nov 24 in case of Dec 8 check-in
  • 100% Cancellation on check-in day and No Show


BENTO (Meals)

  • 100 % payment will be incurred on and after November 18, 2023, Japan time

■ Payment

  • After you apply online with us, you will receive the auto-message of an acceptance. If no auto message is received, please contact International Welcome Team.
  • All the applied details such as participation, hotel, BENTO, and buses are invoiced by International Welcome Team via Email for your final confirmation.
  • Payment should be made at a reception on Dec 9 only in Japanese Yen cash.
  • Since currency exchange fees are high in the Hotel, better use major international Airport exchange or ATM cash withdrawal services when arriving in Japan.

■ Transportation

Circular Bus between the Event Hall and the Hotel
JRM Charters Buses to run between the Hall and KARIYUSHI Beach Resort Hotel before and after each session about 40 times during the event.  

Those of you who reserve KARIYUSHI Beach Resort Hotel will be put on a list of this bus service. So if you have car transport, please select “No” in our application form.

Time to take          6~7 min. before and after each session

Bus Fare                 3,000 JPY 

NOTE: If you reserve KARIYUSHI Beach Resort Hotel on another booking site, please inform us, for us to double-check your bus reservation status. If you are not on the bus list, you cannot use the service or have to pay JPY4,000 on Dec 9 at a reception. Better save 1,000 yen and 30 minute-walk one way by booking online with us.

Airport Limousine Bus
From Naha Airport to KARIYUSHI Beach Resort
Buses for D Area and DE Area stop at the Hotel
Time to take         90 – 120 min.
Bus fare                 2,040 JPY
Limousine Bus Information: https://okinawabus.com/en/

NOTE: Timetable changes so please keep yourself updated.

Chartered Bus after the Event
JRM plans to charter buses from OKINAWA KARIYUSHI Beach Resort to Naha Airport, and Naha & Nanjo Cities on Dec 16.

That is because there are no direct limousine buses available in the early afternoon nor any buses available from the Hotel area to Nanjo City.

If you fly back on Dec 16 after the Event, please provide your flight details. According to your flights, we put you on the bus list to Naha Airport.

Without any flight info, you cannot reserve your seat. If you wish to reserve buses for other destinations, please choose Naha or Nanjo in the application page.

Time to take          80 min. (100 min in case of Nanjo)
Bus fare                  2,000 JPY(Nanjo planned as plus JPY 1,000)


Between Naha Airport and the Hotel
Time to Take         80 min
Cost About            15,000 JPY plus a highway toll

Car Rent

You may rent a car when sharing a reasonably priced condominium and lodges far located from the Event Hall. You can find car rentals online. You will need an international driving license for driving in Japan.

■ Conditions

< Qualified participants >

  • Those who are equal to or older than 15 years old.
  • Non-members as well as members of Raelian Movements
  • For security reasons, you are required to show your ID cards at reception.
  • When required, please accept us to take your photo for creating your participation ID.
  • Those who are between 15 and 17 years old are required to submit parental permission.


< Miscellaneous >

  • Translation services are provided in English, Korean, Chinese, and other languages when required and available.
  • Please bring your portable radio whose frequencies range between 88.0 to 108.0.
  • Photographing & videotaping and any recordings are prohibited during the program.
  • In order to keep our technical and audio devices in appropriate function, please turn your smartphones and computers off from wifi and Bluetooth not to interfere with their frequencies.

■ Typical Itinerary

Dec 8 Sat

– Arrive at Naha Airport and move to KARIYUSHI Beach Resort by bus.

– Check in at the Hotel and receive the room key.

Dec 9 Sun

– Move to the Event Hall by JRM circular bus, register, and make a payment.

– Attend Raelian event.

Dec 16 Sat

– Check out the Hotel, return the key, and leave luggage in the hotel lobby.

– Move to the Event Hall and attend the last morning session.

– The event ends.

– Receive the reserved lunch BENTO from the Event Hall.

– Move to the Hotel by JRM circular bus.

– Depart from the Hotel to Naha City Check in at a hotel in Naha.

Dec 18 Mon

– Check out the hotel and fly back

*If you have any further questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

To Register

See you Soon!