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Become the One Who Saves Humanity

In this video, Maitreya Rael speaks to the European Happiness Academy via Skype on August 6th 74 aH from Okinawa, Japan. He begins with a personal message, expressing that he misses everyone and feels a lot of love in the room. He then shares a non-personal message from “above” that humanity has a 2% chance of survival, which he considers good news because it could have been lower. He connects this message with ancient scriptures, where Yahweh says that even if there is only one just person on Earth, humanity deserves to be saved.

Rael then asks a personal question to the viewers: are you going to be the one to save humanity? He emphasizes that even if everyone else becomes bad, selfish, and negative, it’s up to the individual to make a difference. He recalls his own experience of being alone when he accepted the mission to spread the Messages in 1973, but he knew that there had to be at least one person who would join him. He encourages the viewers to take this message personally and to accept the responsibility to save humanity alone if necessary.

In conclusion, Rael leaves the viewers with the power of Yahweh’s message and the importance of taking it personally. He encourages the viewers to think about it every morning, noon, and evening and to constantly remind themselves that they can save humanity. He trusts that there will be others who share the same mission, but it’s up to the individual to accept the responsibility and make a difference.

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