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How To Use Your Uniqueness, To Make The Difference

On August 16, 2015, 70 a.H., at a gatering held in Okinawa, Japan, Maitreya Rael spoke about the importance of love and how indispensable it is to bring change to humanity. On this occasion, he taught a new meditation to help us increase the love within us. Maitreya Rael said: “Each of you is unique, there is only one you, you are not a little human being, you are the most important person on Earth. Feel this energy within you, because it gives you the energy to be happier. How can you be sad or depressed if you feel that you are unique?”.

Every human being is a gift to this planet, and love and happiness of each can unleash enough energy to change the world. Maitreya Rael brought the example of the great men who have made history, such as Buddha, who alone brought peace, harmony and hope to millions of people. Maitreya Rael invites us to be ourselves, to cultivate our color and to offer to humanity what makes us unique, he invites us to offer to the world our personality: “Don’t live your life in half without giving all of you”.

On this occasion, Maitreya Rael taught the difference between humility and pride: “Being proud of being yourself is not the opposite of humility. Humility is lacking when you think you are better than others”. To remain humble, we must never compete with others, each of us has a unique and special color to offer to humanity, just like the colors that compose the rainbow: they shine in the sky all together and are not in competition among them, there is no one better than the other. Maitreya Rael also explained that being shy is the opposite of humility and that thinking you are stupid or little, is an insult to the Elohim: “They created you in their image, be proud of it with humility”. Each of us, with our own color, our own uniqueness, can make the difference.

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