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The Elohim’s Message of Love and Unity in Mongolia’s Shamanism

In this video, Rael Maitreya expresses his gratitude and admiration for the Mongolian people. He states that he has traveled to many countries in Asia but that the Mongolian people are very different, and he feels a lot of love from them. He also comments on the beauty of Mongolian girls, stating that they make him want to come back.

Rael Maitreya then goes on to talk about his knowledge of shamanism in Mongolia and its connection to the teachings of Elohim. He explains that the teachings of Elohim are divided into three parts: the past, which is not important, the future, which is good, but the present, which is the most important because it’s about happiness. He then discusses how shamanism and Buddhism link us with the universe and how feeling connected to infinity is the key to happiness. He goes on to say that separation between people and extraterrestrials is an illusion because we are one.

In the final part of the video description, Rael Maitreya discusses the concept of infinity and how everything in the universe is connected. He talks about the billions of small organisms in our bodies, the atoms and molecules that make up everything, and the stars and galaxies that we see at night. He emphasizes that separation is an illusion, and we are all one with the Elohim, the stars, and the universe. By feeling this connection, we can never feel alone, and we can feel love coming from inside and outside. Overall, the video is a powerful message of love and unity, emphasizing the importance of feeling connected to everything in the universe.


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