Anna Mozitsuk, a woman to support!

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A woman to support!


(translated from Greek) A slap in the face of Saudi Arabia demanding respect without respecting the Western way of life of the World Chess Champion, Anna Mozitsuk! Her statement that she will not participate in the Saudi World Chess Championship is in response to Ryant to let him know that not everything can be bought with money.

Her statement:

n a few days, I will lose two world titles, one after the other, because I decided not to go to Saudi Arabia. I refuse to respect the special rules that would be imposed on me there, to wear the abaya, to be accompanied by a man to be able to leave the hotel, so that I don’t feel like a second-class person. I will respect my principles and will not participate in the World Blitz Chess Championships where, in just 5 days, I could earn more money than in dozens of other tournaments combined.

All this is very unpleasant, but the sad thing is that nobody cares. It’s a bitter feeling but I can’t turn back. The same goes for my sister Marilla and I am happy that we share the same opinion. And for those who are interested: Yes, we will come back!

Anna Muzitsuk, world chess blitz champion.

Note: When authorities prevail over interests.


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1973 년 Rael의 UFO 만남에서 제작자가 우리에게 준 메시지를 읽어보세요!

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