Anti-coronavirus software? McAfee claims he can’t get Covid-19, despite licking grocery carts and shoes

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He is 100% right! I also lick the hands of Raelians at meetings as recorded in one of RAEL TV’s videos.



Computer anti-virus king John McAfee claims he’s also resistant to viruses of the biological kind, as he’s successfully warded off Covid-19, despite licking grocery cart handles and the soles of shoes.

Even though the 75-year-old falls firmly into the high-risk category for the disease, McAfee says he has been doing his best to catch it with his, frankly disgusting, oral activities.

In a thoroughly bizarre Twitter thread, the eccentric multi-millionaire says he even spent “several hours” in close proximity to someone displaying symptoms of the coronavirus. Yet despite these efforts, testing has repeatedly shown he is free of the bug that has upended normal life across the world.

McAfee even provided photos of his test devices and an explicit snap of himself carrying out the peculiar experiment.

While licking shoes and shopping carts might be repulsive to most people, the cyber-security expert claims he’s been doing it throughout his life and credits it with keeping him free from illness.

“I’m doing that for real. I’m 75. Been doing similar my whole life. Which is why I never get colds, flu or illness of any kind. It’s called building your immune system,” the cryptocurrency champion said.

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