Bravery or ‘Covidiocy’? Mixed reviews as UK travel agency says it will boycott Qantas over compulsory Covid-19 vaccine policy

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Covidiocy….great word


A UK-based travel firm has polarized social media after announcing that it will no longer be doing business with Qantas Airways due to the airline’s decision to require Covid-19 jabs for all international passengers.

Tradewinds Travel, an independent tour operator, posted a statement on its website explaining that customers would have to go elsewhere if they wanted to book a flight with Qantas, citing the Australian airline’s CEO that the company was looking into requiring international travellers to have proof of vaccination against coronavirus.

We feel that bodily autonomy with regard to medical intervention is a personal choice and not something to be forced onto people by businesses. We are not anti-vaccination but we are pro-choice. There is a huge difference between coercion and making a free choice.

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