Live – Coronavirus: 7379 cases in 24 hours, “exponential” progression

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For those who think that putting on a mask to go to the bathroom is not the end of the world … When we accept to lose a small freedom, we open the door to the loss of ALL freedoms. Those who refuse to wear masks are the brave freedom fighters who fight against conformism, which always leads to totalitarianism, genocides and wars. Back when Jews refused to wear the yellow star, there were also fools who told them that wearing a star on their clothing “wasn’t the end of the world” …


Après Paris et Marseille c’est au tour de Strasbourg de généraliser le port du masque pour lutter contre le coronavirus.

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Il s’agit du second plus haut total après le 30 mars dernier, où 7578 personnes avaient été recensées.

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라엘의 논평: 결국 사람들은 죽음을 회피하며 사는 것보다 죽음의 위험 속에 사는 것이 더 낫다는 사실을 마침내 깨닫게 될 것이다….

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RAEL’S COMMENT: Listen and listen again and again ! I do exactly the same !

영국은 항공모함과 각종 군함을 중국을 향해 보내며 국방국은 “영국의 배치는 도발 목적은 아니다”라고 언급했다.

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