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The Difference Between Joy and Happiness

The Difference Between Joy and Happiness (71-06-13) – Part 5 of 9

Every year, Raelians from around the world gather for one week to the Happiness Academy created and developed by Rael.

During his several encounters with the Elohim, Rael was given key information on how to better one’s life and he has taught this information in depth during these seminars.

Thousands of people have had their lives transformed by his advanced emotional intelligence training. The clockmaker knows best all the parts of the clock he has made. Raelian seminars are the only place in the world where one can receive the user manual for one’s life.

Here we present the 2nd part of the lectures that were given on the 3rd day of the 2017 Asian Happiness Academy (71aH) by Maitreya Rael.

In this video, Rael clarifies the confusion that most people have between joy and happiness.

Joy, he explains, always comes from the outside. It can be a good meal, a partner, etc… On the other hand, happiness always comes from inside of us and never depends on external factors.

And… both joy and happiness are perfectly good. We can have both. There is no need to reject one in favor of the other.

To conclude his teaching, Maitreya Rael gives us three golden rules for everything we do, think, and say in our life. Watch the whole video and find out what they are.

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25,000 years ago, advanced people from space, who had reached a perfect mastery in the synthesis of DNA, terraformed the earth to pursue their experiments in the creation of life in laboratories.

They started with simple organisms, progressively designing increasingly sophisticated models of living art until they were able to make human beings, “in their own image and likeness”.

Traces of this epic masterpiece of creation can be found in many ancient texts, including the Bible, where humans called them the “Elohim”, which is a plural word meaning “those who came from the sky”.

They remained in touch with humanity by sending teachings of love through their prophets (the founders of the great religions), who are still alive on their planet, thanks to cloning, the secret of eternal life.

In 1945 the bombing of Hiroshima heralded the start of the Age of Apocalypse, meaning “revelation” in Greek, where humanity’s level of science can allow us to both understand our origins rationally and build a paradise on earth through the peaceful application of technology, or use it instead to self-destruct.

At that point, the Elohim decided to contact their last envoy Rael and entrust him with a message adapted to our times, addressed to all of humanity.

With this important mission in hand, Rael founded the Raelian Movement to spread these Messages around the world and eventually establish an official embassy to welcome our creators back to Earth, where they can share their advanced science and philosophical knowledge.

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