45th Anniversary of the
Secound Encounter

Oct 7th

You are warmly invited to celebrate one of the major Raelian holidays with us on October the 7th.

It is the 45th anniversary of the secound encounter that Maitreya RAEL had with the Elohim E.T. Creators in 1975.

It is a very spiritual day; the opportunity is given to those who want to publicly recognize the Elohim as our creators from space, to have their DNA recorded and acknowledge in THEIR Super Computer System. As Raelians we demystify what other religions call „the baptism” by calling it the Transmission of the Cellular Plan (TCP), a very simple but beautiful ceremony.

Furthermore, for Raelians around the world, October 7th represents the anniversary of Maitreya Rael’s second encounter with the Elohim, when He was also invited on Their planet. Once there, Maitreya Rael was able to discover and experience absolute true Paradise, Thanks to Their advanced science applied with wisdom and LOVE! Since then, RAEL has made it a life long priority to spread the unique and revolutionary message of the Elohim’s wisdom and LOVE so that one day, our humanity may also create true Paradise here on Earth.

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