Happiness Academy Germany-Netherlands

Ardennen, Belgian


Agosto 05 - 08, 2022

The annual European Raelian Happiness Academy this year is organized into regional events. This offers the opportunity to participate in a dedicated summer seminar in your own region. Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium(nl) have joined forces and offer you an opportunity of a lifetime in the Belgian Ardennes. In a beautiful environment you can enjoy the teaching of happiness and the art of meditation.

For more than 40 years, over 100,000 people throughout the world have attended Happiness Academies. What’s more, they keep coming back! Why? They come back to recharge!

Through 3 days of pleasure and revolutionary learning, they re-energize and rediscover themselves and others. And they participate in amazing workshops and evenings especially designed for optimal growth in being human! They blossom as they were meant to blossom!

We invite you to live this beautiful adventure of finding the blossom within yourself, in an environment of simplicity, humor, sweet madness, benevolence and fraternity.
– You will learn what science discovers about people who are happy and about human consciousness!
– You will learn how to cultivate inner peace and health through simple meditation skills and techniques!
– You will discover how to cultivate happiness and keep it forever!

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Thursday, August 05: 14:00pm – 15:00pm

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Friday, August 5 at 14:00p, Welcome and registration for all
Monday, August 8 at 11:00pm: End of Happiness Academy


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Questões? Pergunte-nos, estamos aqui para ajudar!

"É responsável pela sua felicidade. Se quer saber por que se sente deprimido, é hora de parar por um momento e olhar para as diferentes dimensões da sua vida. Se aplicar todas estas coisas, a felicidade virá com a ajuda da meditação."

Maitreya Rael - Universidade Asiática da Felicidade – 68 a.H.

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