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Happiness is a decision | What Do You Choose?

Happiness is a decision (69-05-31)

On this Sunday morning, Maitreya Rael began his teaching with a silent meditation where he expressed his gratitude to our creators, the Elohim.

He told us that for everything in our lives, the simpler the best, including our „contact” meditations with the Elohim.

Then, he reminded us that our DNA is encoded for happiness, and how important it is for our health to feel happy, while the lack of it leads to illnesses.

He explained as well that supra-consciousness is linked to our happiness and well being, and that it is always up to us to decide to be happy and to have the discipline to keep ourselves in a happy mode… not to be confused with joy, which is related to things from the outside. Real happiness, he tells us, comes from inside of us, in his words „It’s a choice and a decision.”

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