Femininity Day

March 8th

Femininity Day

March 8th

«“If femininity is a remedy for mankind and is the way to prevent its destruction, then to develop it becomes a necessity and the responsibility of each human being, regardless of his or her gender.» 

— Maitreya Rael

Femininity Day was created by Maitreya Rael in 2004 (59AH) and is being celebrated worldwide by members of the Raelian Movement on 

March 8th / International Women’s Day.

Our goals: Emphasize the crucial importance of Feminine values: 

  • For the development of the art of human kindness and unconditional love.
  • For the development of one‟s intelligence since applying feminine values in one‟s life will heightened ones consciousness.
  • To empower women and men with great refinement, politeness, beauty and sensuality as an antidote to violence.
  • For the application of Human Rights without restriction.
  • For the elimination of any discrimination whether it be; religious, racial, sexual orientation, gender, age etc…
  • To encourage humanity to embrace all differences, without judgment.
  • For Peace and Love.

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