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Everything You Do, Do It Slowly

In this video, Maitreya Rael advises us to take life slowly in order to live it fully, and reminds us of the 3 basis for a happy life: to do things slowly, kindly and laughing.

He then teaches us to combine these 3 rules above, with the 3 intelligences that we have: the intelligence of the body, that of the mind or thinking brain, and the intelligence of our supraconsciousness.

He also speaks about not rushing to do things, as hurrying does not make us more productive or successful. Quite the contrary, doing things fast will not only cause anxiety, but it will also make us more prone to making mistakes, thus having to do things twice. 

The same applies to our body, whether it be eating, which should be done slowly… to our bodily functions, so as to give time to our intestines to do their work properly. Plus, meditating while we are in the bathroom is a good way to slow down and send love to our body, he suggests.

He points out that, “There is no statue of Buddha running,” as one of the basis of Buddha’s teaching is to be idle, the lack of movement.

Thus, for all we do, slowly is the way to go: for dancing, for walking, for working at the computer, for thinking… Even for sex, as sensuality and pleasure is best enjoyed slowly, feeling the moment fully. 

And of course, our supraconsciousness will only come out of its “shell” when we calm down, since speed is the opposite of supraconsciousness. Calmness is wisdom.

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