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How To Create a Wonderful Life and Real Love

On December 7, 2014 (69 a.H.), during a gathering held in Okinawa (Japan), Maitreya Rael explored two concepts that are the foundation of life: love and infinity, which are the same thing, because love is infinite.

“If you give love to feel good, it’s not love, it’s selfish, it’s ego. If you give love in order to be loved in return, it’s not love, it’s trade. Love is giving without thinking to receive anything.”

If you have never given love in this way, Maitreya Rael invites you to do it right now, because today is the first day of our lives: “Your life starts today! The past is dead. The future? We don’t know, maybe it will never exist. Only now we are alive and we can love. Start now. It’s not too late to love.”

Maitreya Rael reminds us that every second of our lives must be lived with wonder, every NOW must be a WOW! Only by living in the now can we touch infinity. How can we use the infinity that we are? By giving love around us and enjoying life in the now with a WOW! “So, you must make every second of your life a wow!”

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