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Laugh Now! Being Serious is the Best Way to Lose Happiness.

On December 13th of each year, Raelians celebrate the Encounter of Rael with an Extraterrestrial that happened in 1973. It is one of the 4 annual celebrations that Raelians around the world have.

On that day, in 2015 (69 a.H.), Maitreya Rael raised awareness among the Raelians gathered in Okinawa. Maitreya Rael talked about the importance of the present moment (now) by asking upfront: “What is after “now”?” Surely a future, which remains hypothetical…

Maitreya Rael reminds us that only “now” is important. It is the answer to the question that so many people ask themselves: “When will I find happiness?” There can be no better time than now, and Maitreya Rael points out that in this very moment, if we truly feel now, this can be the most beautiful moment of our life.

The second most important thing to find happiness is to laugh, says Maitreya Rael. “Never stop laughing. Being serious is the best way to lose happiness. You have to laugh at everything, laugh at yourself, laugh at being alive. When you laugh, you look like the Elohim who came on Earth to create life by constantly laughing.”

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