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Love or Judgment: The Choice is Yours

In this video, Rael Maitreya reminds us of the importance of not judging others, but instead choosing to love them. He encourages us to keep the enthusiasm and love we felt when we first met someone, and to let go of any judgments or negative experiences we may have had with them. Rael emphasizes that people change and grow over time, and that we should always be open to the possibility that they may have become better versions of themselves.

Rael Maitreya also speaks about the importance of forgiving others, and how it can give them a chance to grow and become better. He reminds us that if we constantly judge ourselves, we cannot love ourselves, and therefore cannot love others. Rael encourages us to love ourselves as we are and to embrace the present moment, rather than dwelling on past mistakes or trying to be better than we were in the past. By accepting ourselves and others as we are, we can experience true happiness and love.

In summary, this teaching is a powerful reminder to let go of judgment and negativity, and to choose love and forgiveness instead. Rael Maitreya encourages us to embrace the present moment and to give ourselves and others the chance to grow and become better versions of ourselves. By doing so, we can experience true happiness and love in our lives.

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