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Αναπαραγωγή Βίντεο

The Power of Silence: How to Achieve a Calm and Healthy Mind-Body Connection

Every year, Raelians from around the world gather for one week to the Happiness Academy created and developed by Rael. 

During his several encounters with the Elohim, Rael was given key information on how to better one’s life and he has taught this information in depth during these seminars.

Thousands of people have had their lives transformed by his advanced emotional intelligence training. The clockmaker knows best all the parts of the clock he has made. Raelian seminars are the only place in the world where one can receive the user manual for one’s life.

Here we present the 2nd part of the lectures that were given on the 2nd day of the 2017 Asian Happiness Academy (71aH) by Maitreya Rael.

In this video Rael shares some meditation and visualization techniques to help create more connections in our brain and improve our perception.

He also teaches how to achieve complete silence of the mind to improve both our mental health and that of our body, since they are both connected and mutually influence each other.

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