MOTHER – Caring for 7 Billion

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a MUST see!

Broadcasted in 10 countries, selected at 26 film festivals with 3 awards, Mother tells the story of a mother and activist and her journey to understand the impact of overpopulation on both people and ecosystems around the world. It is fundamentally a film of hope and shows the strength of the human spirit to make a better world. Even though humanity has increased 7 fold over the past 200 years, population continues to be a taboo subject. Has society gone too far by silencing the conversation? Mother: Caring for 7 Billion is a groundbreaking film that asks the right questions and doesn’t shy away from the controversy. It exposes what it means to live in a world of 7 billion and how our growing numbers affect not only our own future, but also life, as we know it, on this planet. In the film, we meet Beth and Zinet. Both come from very large families. Beth comes from a large Catholic American family of 12, and Zinet is a young Ethiopian woman who comes from a family of 14. When they meet Beth is transformed by Zinet’s courage to break free from the thousand-year-old-cultural barriers by refusing to get married young and by attending school. Mother is an award-winning film that features world-renowned experts to help explore this issue and how population growth intersects with gender equity, religion, reproductive health, economic inequality and the environment. It is fundamentally a film of hope and shows the strength of the human spirit to make a better world.


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