L’Australie devrait avoir honte et être consternée par cette vidéo de la police qui menotte une femme enceinte pour avoir posté un message anti-confinement

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Un autre geste révoltant pour ceux qui pensent que le port d’un masque facial n’est « pas la fin du monde ». C’EST la fin du monde LIBRE.


It may be 2020 everywhere else, but it’s clearly 1984 in Victoria as Covid-19 non-conformists are rounded up & carted off to the station for trying to organize a protest. If this clip doesn’t end the insanity, what the hell will?

Police in Victoria have found a new way to amuse themselves in the time of corona. What with Premier Dan Andrews placing the entire state under house arrest to stop them breathing the same air as anyone else, real crime has taken something of a back seat.

There is little point trying to burgle houses when people are prevented from leaving them by law and the paucity of people on the streets means that mugging is a bit of a no-no so the real wrong ‘uns have taken some time off. This is slightly ironic considering everyone has to dress like they’re about to hold up a post office thanks to the mask mandate, but c’est la nouveau vie.

Fortunately for the local filth, Kim Jong-Dan has bestowed on them powers that would make the Stasi blush so they haven’t been left twiddling their batons while the populace remains indoors. These include being able to enter properties without a warrant, collar people for not wearing their face nappies properly and restricting how much bog roll people can buy. They also turn out to have the ability to nick people for posting things that contradict the dear leader online, and this week decided this power would be fun to use on a pregnant woman.

In a video that wouldn’t look out of place in an Ingsoc party political broadcast, masked and armed officers can be seen handcuffing a heavily-pregnant woman in front of her partner and children in her own home. She is objecting, understandably, but not resisting, yet still they put her in restraints.


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