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The skeptic’s dictionary: alkaline diet

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Another stupid « belief » about changing the pH of your body to avoid cancer by eating  » alkaline food ».  The  » alkaline diet » is a myth. The body keep its pH at the same level whatever you eat. And it all starts in the stomach which is full of …

Invasion of America

RAEL’S COMMENT:  And that may be why they support Israel…

Leonard Bernstein leading orchestra with facial expressions

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Fantastic! Real music directors almost do not need hands. Just facial emotions are enough! This must be shown to all music students, especially in Japan and Asia!

Milk Not Doing You Much Good

RAEL’S COMMENT:  The only ones who benefit from drinking cow milk are calves. It’s made for them. The only good milk for human is human milk.

Rich, really rich, and ultra rich

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Multi billionaire people should have their wealth, for example everything over 1 billion $ for example, or even 2 or 3 billions totally seized and redistributed to poor and homeless people. A maximum limit of wealth has to be fixed as it is becoming obscene to see peoples …

Your shirt is sexist and ostracizing

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Very stupid article: you can be a woman scientist and enjoy posing naked! This criticism is full of christian prejudices against sex and nudity.

Activist banned from G20 area was aiming to confront Obama over Assange, Manning

RAEL’S COMMENT:  This is a very revealing example of what democracy and freedom looks like in western countries.

Étienne Chouard – Les ultra-riches sont des malades mentaux

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Excellent… mais ces gens n’ont juste pas compris que c’est le système en entier qui doit être changé. Des limites sont impossibles et injustes. La seule solution, c’est de supprimer le capitalisme… et de le remplacer par le Paradisme.  

Exploring whether DisabilityCare (Australia) should include funding for sex worker services for the disabled

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Absolutely wonderful! Only Judeo-Christians full of prejudices and taboos can be against it.

‘Paris Syndrome’ strikes Japanese

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Not at all surprised: French people are so rude! Especially Parisians. I would not recommend any people loving, polite and respectful manners to visit France. That’s why I choose to live in Japan, which is by far the most polite and respectful culture. Compared to them French people …

Why a Physics Revolution Might Be on Its Way

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Another proof that, contrary to little Darwinist and big bang “scientists” who pretend to know everything, top scientists say the truth: they just don’t know!

Winston Churchill wanted to nuke Kremlin to win Cold War

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Another « historic » leader with crime against Humanity and terrorism in mind.

Student sent to detention for omitting ‘Under God’ from Pledge of Allegiance

RAEL’S COMMENT:  I decided to award him the title of Honorary Guide of Mankind as he is a perfect example of integrity and non compliance with discriminatory traditions.

Chief McDonald’s fries supplier gets USDA nod for ‘cancer-reducing’ GMO-potato

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Wonderful use of GMO technology. No chemical added, just an improvement of the normal (and already modified through centuries of selection ») genetic code of the potatoes. That doesn’t mean I recommend eating in McDonalds restaurants…. but if these potatoes are available on the market I will choose them, …

Ordering The Vegetarian Meal? There’s More Animal Blood On Your Hands

RAEL’S COMMENT:  The wonderful final argument for the sloppy people choosing to be vegetarian in order to avoid the killing of « sentient » animals…

Israel’s killing of 9 Gaza flotilla protesters ‘not of sufficient gravity’ for war crimes probe

RAEL’S COMMENT:  The proof that the ICC is just another puppet of western powers.

A New Acoustic Instrument That Creates Sounds like a Digital Synthesizer

RAEL’S COMMENT:  Imagine….. if all the people of the planet we’re using their genius and senses for art instead of wasting it for money, power, and war…

Drinking while pregnant could become criminal offence in UK

RAEL’S COMMENT:  A very good idea, and it should also for smoking.

Noam Chomsky calls US ‘world’s leading terrorist state’

RAEL’S COMMENT:  He is 100 % right! And it’s not new, it was already at the time of the Hiroshima bombing, which was done precisely to terrorize the Japanese government.

It’s Looking More and More Likely That We Live in a Multiverse

RAEL’S COMMENT:  It’s surprising how scientists who are supposed to be highly educated people don’t even know the meaning of words. Universe means all which exists. That means ALL. But they are so attached to the limit their primitive science created, like the big bang or the size of the …

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