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Divorce invitation

RAEL’S COMMENT: Magnificent!

Celebrities who have recovered from the coronavirus

RAEL’S COMMENT: Nobody talks about it because they want to keep the fear alive. Many celebrities have had what is called „covid“ and they quickly recovered from it. Besides top athletes like Lewis Hamilton and Valentino Rossi, here’s a small list published by a brave newspaper.

Homes of Palestinians stolen from Israeli regime

RAEL’S COMMENT: When the homes of Palestinian Muslims AND Christians are LITERALLY stolen from them (by the ‚Israeli‘ regime) and given to Jewish settlers. Within the next 4 weeks every Palestinian family in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah will be illegally evicted from their own homes to be …

Be yourself without having to be judged

RAEL’S COMMENT: It’s your freedom to choose to be like the one on the left and nobody has the right to judge you. One is no better then the other. Just different choices. What matters is your happiness, whatever you choose, choose freely without conforming to any politically correct model.

A tiny virus teaches humanity humility

RAEL’S COMMENT: Just a tiny little virus. That was enough to teach human beings a great lesson in humility. All the mega muscles of body builders: defeated. All the mighty armies with nuclear weapons: defeated. All the imperialist economies: defeated! And that’s just the beginning of what the Natural Order …

Covid mistakes

RAEL’S COMMENT: The false information warning is from Facebook! Most of what this MD says is the absolute truth!

Be a lion in a crowd

RAEL’S COMMENT: Especially when you decide to be the only one not wearing a mask!

Montpellier: €405 fine for drinking rosé with friends on the beach of Grand-Travers

RAEL’S COMMENT: I hope people who wrote „a mask to go to the bathroom, it’s not the end of the world“ are feeling deeply ashamed now…

Florida bans the ‚vaccination passport‘ in the name of individual liberties

RAEL’S COMMENT: What the lying media does not show you, all the while doing their utmost to scare you and to make you believe that there is an apocalyptic world pandemic because of this famous virus: here’s the republican state of Florida, in the US, where everything is open, where …

Killing all bacteria is not the answer

RAEL’S COMMENT: Do not kill the bacteria on your skin! They are there to protect you. Do the opposite, get more of them by touching as many „dirty“ things as possible!!

The face of terrorism in Israel

RAEL’S COMMENT: Don’t be afraid or disgusted. This isn’t movie special effects. This is what Israel has done to #Gazakids .

Everyone has face mites

RAEL’S COMMENT: Beautiful and part of our health! If we destroy them, then we’ll have many skin diseases! The same applies to all the bacteria living inside our intestine.

Provokes doctors by asking the crowd to kiss without a mask!

RAEL’S COMMENT: Everyone has to do the same! Kiss each other and in doing so you strengthen your immune system!

Let us hug

RAEL’S COMMENT: Magnificent!

My last breath an orgasm

RAEL’S COMMENT: I hope that my last breath will be an orgasm.

Hypocrisy in dating a much older/younger person

RAEL’S COMMENT: Most women who criticize young girls for being with older men pretending it’s for money are the same who claim that they do not want to be loved only for their physical beauty but for their personality. That’s pure hypocrisy: a young girl can precisely love an older …


RAELS’s KOMMENTAR: Ich habe es selbst genommen bei einem meiner Besuche in Afrika, um Malaria zu vermeiden….

Lockdowns have shown authoritarianism can curb society’s excesses

RAELS’s KOMMENTAR: „Je länger wir zulassen, dass unkontrollierte autoritäre Regierungen uns unter dem Deckmantel der Führung während einer öffentlichen Gesundheitskrise herumschubsen, desto schwieriger wird es sein, die Fesseln abzuschütteln, wenn das alles vorbei ist. Und wir haben nur uns selbst die Schuld zu geben.“ – Damian Wilson

Venezolanischer Präsident darf nicht mehr auf Facebook posten

RAELS’s KOMMENTAR: Wagt es nicht, eine andere Meinung zu haben als die WHO…

Behaltet eure Masken!!!

RAELS’s KOMMENTAR: Und behaltet auch eure Masken…

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