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How To Make Your Body The Best Toy To Feel Supra-Consciousness

Maitreya Rael: The Toy (72-06-13) – Part 8 of 12 Asian Happiness Academy, June 13th, 72 aH, Okinawa, Japan

The Happiness Academy helps us connect with realities we may never have noticed before. Today Maitreya Rael encourages us to develop a better knowledge of who and what we truly are.

Where are we now? What is here? What is « you »? Is it your brain, your supraconsciousness, your thinking?

Maitreya Rael reminds us that when we are thinking we are not in supraconsciousness « mode. » Consequently, he invites us to stop using this mistaken saying, “I think, therefore I am.”

In reality, it should be, “I don’t think, therefore I am.” When we think we are not. When we don’t think, the supraconsciousness starts to awaken and we « are. » But when we don’t use the supraconsciousness, we are nothing but sleepwalkers.

The only way to use the supraconsciousness is by feeling now – not by thinking about now – but by feeling the magic of this moment. Only the supraconsciousness can feel, the thinking brain cannot.

And what is our body? It’s a toy! A toy to play with and interact with our environment and other people. When the supraconsciousness guides the body, the body becomes what it was created for, a toy. Use this beautiful toy given to us by the Elohim while you are alive!

*Please note that at the moment of filming this video, the voice of Maitreya Rael was not in a good condition. Even so, Maitreya Rael humbly accepted to talk to us with the same energy and dedication that he is known for.

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