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Where is the Center of our Infinite Universe?

On this beautiful Sunday morning, Maitreya Rael taught us that, « Each person in the infinite universe which uses supra-consciousness to feel infinity, becomes the center of infinity. »

He explained that when infinity takes consciousness of itself – as it is explained in the Messages – « the ego becomes non-ego. » Thus, all beings in the universe who feels infinity are united in oneness, echoing each other, reverberating with each other.

He concluded his talk by saying that, « The memory can die, the body can die, but your infinity cannot die, » because something in you will live forever. « From dust back to dust, and from infinity back to infinity. »

*Please note that at the moment of filming this video, the voice of Maitreya Rael was not in a good condition. Even so, Maitreya Rael humbly accepted to talk to us with the same energy and dedication that he is known for.

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