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Registration Romanian Raelian Happiness Academy

VERY IMPORTANT! The registration office will be open on August 2 (so, great attention for those coming from outside Romania), between 1.00 P.M. and 8.00 PM.

For registration, an advance / deposit of 50% of the total amount of the 5 nights is required (RON 275- 56 Euro or £ 45), the registration deadline being July 26! The number of places provided in the Pension is 20 (with possible extension to 26)! First come first served! If the number of participants exceeds 20 (a maximum of 10 people), their accommodation is no longer guaranteed at Vila Carina (there is another location very close (50 m away), at similar prices), but they will be able to attend the event (with provided they eat at least one meal a day at Carina)!

Payment in euros will be made to Revolut account, IBAN LT85 3250 0576 2420 3435, BIC REVOLT21 or GBP, to Revolut bank account (linked to telephone number 0040763676661) number 07989393, sort code 04-00-75 (for UK residents ), and for the Romanian participants, the payment in lei can be made in the account ING RO58 INGB 0000 9999 0813 1377 or Revolut RO49 BREL 0005 5001 8326 0100, on the name Marinescu Toma Cristian, with the reference “Raelian 6 August”. For those who make a bank transfer (and do not pay by card), the Revolut account belongs to Lithuania (so be careful when entering data)! After making the payment, you can send us the proof on WhatsApp or Signal, at the dedicated number, 0040763676661, on Telegram (Tomi Spatial) or at the email address.

The remaining 50% (275 Ron, 56 Euro or 45 GBP) will be paid at the registration office (on August 3, between 12.00-20.00).

There is no registration fee for this event!

NOTE! The 50% deposit is only returned in case of extreme measures, such as the cancellation of the event due to the current geo-political situation, the ban on international flights or travel between localities, in the case of Romania!

You must be 18 years old to attend this event. Young people over the age of 15 are also accepted, but ONLY WITH THE WRITTEN AGREEMENT OF THE PARENTS!