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Meet China’s freakishly realistic droids: Creepy machines go on display at the World Robot conference

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Mainstream media and their usual shit comment: “freakish” and “creepy ” machines … these adjectives should be reserved for Obama, Bush, Clinton, Holland, Sarkozy, Natanyahu, and other crazy politicians and not for beautiful robots!!!


One of the robots, Jia Jia, is programmed to recognise emotions
This allows her to recognise human language and facial expressions
Other robots on display at the event include a badminton-playing cyborg, and bionic birds and butterflies

With long flowing hair and rosy red cheeks, you might do a double take when you see Jia Jia, a humanoid robot.

Dubbed the ‘robot goddess’, Jia Jia is being taught deep learning abilities, including understanding human language, and detecting facial expressions.

The life-like cyborg was displayed at the 2016 World Robot Conference, where she pulled in huge crowds eager to see her abilities.

Jia Jia is the brain child of researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China, who displayed her at the World Robot Conference in Beijing this week.

The humanoid robot is programmed to recognise human and machine interaction, with autonomous position navigation and services based on cloud technology.

At the event, JiaJia demonstrated her ability to communicate with humans, detecting facial expressions and responding to questions.

When asked by an audience-member ‘What kind of skills do you have?’, Jia Jia replied: ‘I can talk with you. I can recognise faces. I can identify gender and age of people standing front of me, and I can detect your facial expressions.’


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Citiți mesajele date nouă de Creatorii noștri, în timpul întâlnirii OZN, trăită de Rael în 1973!

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