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Educación SEX

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Awareness campaign for Sex Education and International SexEd Day

November 20th

Concienciación para la educación sexual

Sex Ed Day held on November 20th, International Day for Children’s Rights. To ensure that the recommendations issued by UNESCO experts, in favor of Comprehensive Sex Education from the age of 5, including masturbation, are respected. International SexEd Day–Launched in 2015; SexEd Day is the IRM’s annual awareness campaign for comprehensive Sex Education during childhood as recommended by experts from several international institutions‘ research reports including UNESCO and the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe. It takes place each year on November 20th, a day celebrating International Day for Children’s Rights.


To request that the guidelines issued by UNESCO experts in favor of Sex Education from the age of 5,including information about masturbation be enforced. #WriteToYourGovernmet TO ALL GOVERNMENTS OF THE WORLD: We request that the UNESCO report on sexual education be re-issued, respecting the recommendations from the experts’ studies, and that these fundamental principles be implemented by governments.

Why is it so important?

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El Día SexEd se llevó a cabo el 20 de noviembre, Día Internacional de los Derechos del Niño.

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