It’s impossible to be happy when you are afraid

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It’s impossible to be happy when you are afraid. Fear is the greatest enemy of happiness. The spiritual endeavor to achieving happiness consists, above all, in destroying absolutely all the fears that one may have. Some were instilled in us from our earliest childhood, others by our so-called, «education,» and others by the so-called, «culture,» i.e., books, films, TV programs etc. Undoubtedly, the most dangerous fears are those that religions and governments have used, and still use, to assert their power.
Fears are illusions. Humans’ greatest fear is death. But why be afraid of what is inevitable? 100% of all humans die, without any exception. So, to live is not only to accept this inevitable outcome, but to welcome it with serenity instead of dreading it.
Fear often builds itself on the notion of dying “before one’s time” i.e. too young. However, there is no «ideal time» or “ideal moment” to die, hence it’s important to live happily without thinking about tomorrow, therefore without fear. Live each minute intensely without any thought of what will come next.
Some even go further than being afraid of death and go so far as being afraid of what will come after death. Ancient religions capitalize on this fear, such as that of burning eternally in hell… By the way, there is no material that can «burn eternally,» it is scientifically impossible.
The process of destroying all the fears that can lie within us begins with the details: we must go into meditation to identify all the fears that may exist within us.
Obviously, the anti-covid masks are one of the strongest expressions of fear: firstly, because we wear it for fear of being contaminated by others and secondly, because in a society where a majority wears them when they are totally useless comes the fear of being judged by others for not conforming or behaving «like everybody else.» The refusal to wear the mask is an opportunity for our personal development because the message we express is clear: “I am not afraid!” I am afraid of neither viruses nor your judgment! I am me and I live without any fear while respecting your freedom to live with your fears, in other words, to not live at all. You can call me selfish, unconscious, or dangerous…it is your choice to live in fear and to judge others. I do not have to justify my own choices and especially not my choice of living without any fear; even and especially not the fear of being judged by others!

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