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And they dare to compare it to Pearl Harbour’s Japanese attack… Pearl Harbour was a military base and all targets were military. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were cities full of civilians without any military targets.


August 6, 1945: US drops the bomb in Japan just to show his power over the Soviet Union …

Whatever the hidden agenda at the time, that I am sure was another cover-up, another false flag, the bottom line is nuclear bombs, weapons is mass destruction or any sort of weapons, are the worst threat to world peace.

Nowadays: more sophisticated and deadlier weapons, mind-controlling, and the manipulation of the people. Mass pandemics, viruses, false flags, etc.

They want to divide us!
They want us to live under fears

Let us keep united!
We are 7 billion-plus! They are 0.01%

Let us not fear the bomb, the virus, the mask, forced and untested vaccinations, the micro-chipping!

This is our turning point to enter an era of peace!

Let us meditate for peace!
Let us peacefully revolt!
Peaceful civil disobedience!
Let us get our basic human freedoms back: to see, to hear, to breathe.

The human race will prevail.


August 6, 1945: US drops the bomb in Japan just to show his power over the Soviet Union …What ever the hidden agenda…

Posted by Maribel Mendoza Raelian on Friday, August 7, 2020

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