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Freedom is more important than health

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Never lose sight of the essential: freedom is more important than health. In other words, if you want to force me to lose my freedom in order to stay healthy, I prefer illness or even death. If you had the choice between good health in prison or the possibility of illness or death while free, which would you choose? I choose freedom without any hesitation. Even if I could only survive an hour’s freedom. An hour of freedom is worth more than a lifetime or even a year in a prison, even if this prison is your apartment. And in answer to those who claim that you are endangering others by going outside: who are these “others”? Because if these “others” that you risk ‘so to speak’ contaminating stay in their home while you exercise your fundamental freedom to go outside; then only the lovers of freedom will accept this wonderful risk called life. They will risk this contamination too out of their own free will … But even if some die others will survive and the most important will be the contamination and the survival of freedom! Better die free than live in prison!”

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