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Fear is 100% Ego – Do This To Destroy it Forever

During celebration of the Raelian New Year 76 after Hiroshima, August 6, 2021, Maitreya Rael spoke to people attending the gathering held in Okinawa.

In his speech, he teaches that life and death are eternally one, there is no life without death, every living being dies one day. Why does he speak about death? Because now, everything in the world is trying to destroy happiness by fear and the most important fear for human beings is the fear of death: “Why to be afraid of death when you know that someday it will happen? If you are not afraid of death, it will happen. If you are afraid of death, it will happen. So, what is the difference? If you are afraid you cannot be happy. Fear destroys happiness! So, what do you choose? A life of fear or a life of happiness?”.

In his teaching, Maitreya Rael makes us realize that “fear is 100% ego”, because the little “me” is afraid to disappear. Each of us thinks we are so important that we don’t want to die! He says: “We always have this illusion that only other people died, but not me! If you have humility, laughing, smiling, dancing, you remove the ego, you are love. If you are afraid, what kind of face do you give to others? You make everybody sad! If you laugh, if you smile, you give everybody your happiness and you make other people happy, for no reason, just for laughing. It’s your choice, you are responsible for your happiness. What do you choose? The purpose of life is to train yourself to practice laughing all the time, because one day, it will be the last, the last laugh. So, do it now!”

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