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Unlocking Your Emotional Core: The Gut-Brain Connection

Maitreya Rael sheds light on the profound magic of crying out of love for the Elohim. He shares his unique perspective on crying as an expression of happiness, not sorrow. Maitreya delves into the intimate connection between breathing and singing, emphasizing that proper breathing is the key to becoming a skilled vocalist. He enlightens us about the significance of the stomach in breathing and how it holds neurons that influence emotions.

Through this enlightening discussion, Maitreya Rael unveils the true essence of singing as an affirmation of life. From the moment of birth to the last breath, breathing plays a pivotal role, and singing becomes a celebration of existence. By understanding the Gut-Brain Connection, we discover the intimate relationship between emotions and our core. Maitreya’s teachings inspire us to embrace happiness, spread joy, and love unconditionally, creating a positive impact on ourselves and the world around us.

Join this insightful session to explore the transformative power of singing, breathing, and crying with Maitreya Rael, as he imparts wisdom that can elevate your life and enrich your emotional well-being.

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