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The Holy Year: 50th Anniversary of the First Encounter

Raelians across the earth celebrate the first Sunday of April because it is the anniversary of humanity’s creation by our extraterrestrial creators, the Elohim. To celebrate this historic moment, Maitreya Rael revisits the memories of what happened to him when, almost 50 years ago he received the mission to spread the truth of humanity’s origins through the world.

“Fifty years ago, I was alone, very alone. Nobody I think on Earth has ever maybe been as alone as me. I had my passion, my life, my dreams, my children. Imagine! The Message is on my little shoulders, and there is a full planet, with billions of people, and I have to bring them the Message. Imagine it’s happening to you!”

Through anecdotes of those initial moments he tells details never told before, like how difficult his mission was at the beginning when there were no cellphones, no home computers, and no CDs or DVDs. It was another planet compared to now. What do you think was the reaction of people when you spoke about UFOs in those times? Imagine!

Confident no one would believe his Message, Maitreya says, “When I spoke with Yahweh, he said – ‘Almost nobody will believe you, but some people are awake and they will help you. And your mission is to find them.’ And I found you! And that’s why, fifty years later, I’m with you!”

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