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Amnesty International Belgique

COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Normal… ils ne sont pas Blancs. Les Blancs sont toujours prêts à accueillir des réfugiés blancs… les autres, ils n’en ont rien à faire, sauf quand ils peuvent les esclavagiser.  

World War I: Troop statistics

RAEL’S COMMENT: This shows that WWI was not really a “world war” as it involved only 16 countries among the 180 there was on Earth. That’s not even 10% … another white colonialist and imperialist vision of the world.  

World War 2 statistics

RAEL’S COMMENT: And it’s almost the same in WW2 where 23 countries were militarily involved in the conflict among 180 there was on Earth, in another false “world war” mostly fought by white European people or their ex-colonies (USA, Australia, etc.)