COMMENTAIRE DE RAEL : Facebook m’a bloqué pour 24 h juste pour avoir affiché la photo d’un légume qui ressemble à une paire de fesses !  Je demande à tous les Raëliens de protester auprès de Facebook pour ce bloquage. Un légume !!!  

Blocked for a vegetable picture !!!

RAEL’S COMMENT: Facebook just blocked me for the last 24h: I could not post anything just because I posted the photo of a vegetable (a tomato) that looks like an ass!!! I ask all Raelians to protest!  

Replacing Facebook?

RAEL’S COMMENT: REPLACING FACEBOOK? If anybody can propose me with another social media I seriously envision, if Facebook doesn’t apologize, to boycott it and promote a replacement. Tired of this primitive narrowly minded censorship. Facebook management is the real vegetable. […]

A possible alternative to Facebook

RAEL’S COMMENT: A possible alternative to Facebook if they don’t apologize publicly. It has been created precisely by and for people tired of the Judeo Christian censorship of Facebook.