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The Love You Give, That’s Your Wealth!

At the start of this video, Maitreya Rael is conducting a special exercise that we can do during gatherings: to send love to one person specifically. On that day he chose Hany as the recipient.

He explained that we are surrounded by love and that each of us can be the channel through which this love flows, being careful not to block it with our ego, because we do not create this love and it is not «ours» to hoard. 

Rael also reminded us that we are both the light and the love of the Elohim on earth, and to be mindful that through our eyes, the Elohim are loving humanity.

He then spoke of how life is like the ocean and each human as a wave dancing on the surface, eventually approaching the beach where they go to die.

We are part of the flow of love and life on earth… like waves in the infinite ocean of life.

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