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Medical science vs pseudo-science

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Science versus pseudo-science Raelian
A wonderful reminder from a Raelian MD! Yes, avoid charlatans and “miracle cures” and trust science which cures a lot of cancers contrarily to general public belief.
But I must add that if science can cure a lot of cancers with a high percentage of success, in this case, it’s very important to avoid all “natural healing” charlatans, for some types of cancers, it can’t do nothing. So when a doctor tells you that you only have a few months to live or even when there are less than 50% chances to survive using real medicine, choosing to try any natural medicine, or any technique not scientifically proven efficient or recommended by charlatans, or even prayers is a good option. At least, it gives hope to people who just learned that they only have a few months to live. And due to the huge power of the placebo effect, it can even make them survive much longer than predicted by real doctors; and in some cases, cure them completely. We must never forget that in Lourdes, there is a special committee of doctors who validates the very few “miracles” happening over there. In about one case in a million, some people suddenly walk without science being able to explain why. It’s not any god or virgin Mary intervening, it’s just the infinite power of the placebo effect, which means that if you believe strongly enough in something, it can have a huge effect on your body. It’s in fact the supraconsciousness fixing the body.


Recently, many of our coreligionists, here and in Europe, died of cancer. Since then, many have asked my opinion on various treatments advertised on the net.

Our aging, the appearance of various aches and pains, the loss of physical and mental alertness, and even more, being notified of a cancer diagnosis can place us not only in a state of emotional shock and stress but also in a vulnerability state and in a potential “prey” position regarding quackery and merchants of all kinds. It would be unfortunate to lose our rationality, our logic, and our scientific outlook by the effect of this emotional state; the very same that made us question deism and evolutionism and lead us to recognize the scientific origins of the creation of life on earth.

I don’t pretend to know everything and to be omniscient; I don’t have the knowledge of the Elohim. What I have is my 20 years of practicing medicine, in direct contact with sick people among which many died before my eyes while others lived. What I also have is my years of experience within the Raelian population in which I have seen and experienced
several trends of miracle cures. My goal here is certainly not to convince you of anything. I cannot do that. Especially not to pontificate, everyone is free to choose. My only objective is to give you guidelines and basic principles that can help you get a clearer picture.

For more than 20 years, many of you have experienced these trends, not only intellectually but also, for some, in your flesh and blood. Whether we talk of fad diets Montignac type, or pregnancy hormone (HCG), or miracles treatment with vitamin B17, MMS, oxygen water that penetrates the skin, stem cells, cannabis oil … all claim to bring us new energy, youth and healing. And yet, we saw our loved ones die despite taking one or the other of these miracle treatments: Yvon, Claude, Anne … and we will see more.

Almost all of these miracle cures spread on a similar pattern.


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