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Enjoy your chickens

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I was raising many chicken and one day one of them was hurt by a car , and immediately all other chicken were chasing it to eat the guts which were coming out of his belly ! So enjoy your chicken and remember that the oldest woman who ever lived on Earth Jeanne Calment was NOT vegetarian or vegan….

A Raelian has posted a photo of three hens, or two hens and a rooster that appear to be hers and are looking into the kitchen from the window towards a dish that comes out of the oven and contains…. a roasted chicken.
She attached this text to the photo: Honestly, I wish I could live off air. It does break my heart the fact that we have to feed on other living beings to survive…


Узнать правду

Прочитать послание, переданное от наших создателей Раэлю во время его встречи с НЛО в 1973 году!

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